Black/Blue Account

PM BLACK ACCOUNT (CASH UPFRONT Trading Account)PM BLUE ACCOUNT (Collateralised / Contra Trading account)
Contract ValueBrokerage rate
Between RM 0 – RM 8,000RM 8
Between RM 8,000 – RM 50,0000.1%
RM 50,0000.08%
Contract ValueBrokerage rate
RM 0 – RM 100,000Min RM 12.00 or 0.42%
Above RM 100,0000.21%
  • Upfront cash deposit required to be place into your trust account
  • It is available to existing and new clients of PM securities Sdn Bhd
  • Limit given based on the amount of cash balance in your trust account
  • No new multiplier will be given on the shares purchased in this account type
  • Strictly for online transaction only.
  • Trading limit will be given based on type of collateral you pledge with PM Securities Sdn Bhd
  • For cash collateral, your limit is 2 times that of your cash deposit
  • For pledges using shares, your will be granted limit based on the market value of your shares. (1 time)
  • Strictly for online transaction only
Advantage of this account
  • As a wise investor, you only trade based on your available fund. (Invest within your means)
  • Need not worry about forking out more funds to cover any losses.
  • Do away with dependency on your dealer’s trading limit. Create your own trading limit

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