T5 Account

Open a ‘2 times T5’ account with us and enjoy extended contra period

Undecided on whether to pick up a trade on settlement date? This product facilitates you to trade longer for up to 4 days after the transaction date, without any additional cost.
 And if you need a longer trading period than that, this product enables you to trade for another 6 days.
Terms and conditions.
  1. Brokerage rate
Contract ValueBrokerage rate
RM 0 - RM 99,9990.60%
Above RM 100,0000.30%
  1. On the 5th day , you will be charged Pick Up fee of 0.20% of your contract value/
  2. And you will be charged interest for all the outstanding contract at 7.5% p.a.
  3. Collateral for this product can be in either cash (from as low as RM 10,000) or share (subject to our list of marginable counters)
  4. Zero rollover fee
  5. Transaction not settled on the 11h day (T+10), will be subjected to PM Securities Sdn Bhd force selling policy
  6. PM Securities Sdn Bhd Margin policy applies

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