What We Offer


Custodial and Nominees Services

Should you have are too busy to manage your portfolio, allow us to manage it for you.
Leave all the worries of Public Listed corporate action to us. We will manage all applicable corporate actions that affect your holdings - including dividend payments, splits, consolidations and rights issues etc.

PM Securities Sdn Bhd offers a Custodial and Nominees service to both local and foreign investors through its wholly owned subsidiaries PM Nominees (Tempatan) and (Asing), which both are Authorised Nominee Companies to hold and act as intermediary on behalf of clients

Settlement of Transaction
We will ensure prompt and proper handling of settlement of trades with your appointed counter parties.  
We will monitor and keep informed of all corporate announcement made by the company’s to enable you to take appropriate action on timely manner.
  • Dividend
  • Interest Payment
  • Rights Issue
  • General Offer
  • Bonus Issue
  • Proxy